Hanoi Street Food in Top Ten of Asia

According to CNN Channel, Hanoi was just averaged one of ten address point about Street Food which most attract in Asia. Besides that, Penang (Malaysia), Seoul (Korea), Bangkok (Thailand), Fukuoka (Japan)… has been mention.


As description, Street Food in the Old Quarter of Hanoi is a product most impression of the world. All most tourists say that, this city is a Street Food Elysium and they believe all wonderful foods always delicious with tradition taste. 

Street food in Hanoi has become part of the country’s national culture. A trip to Vietnam is less exciting without tasting the street food such as pho bo, cha gio (fresh spring rolls), xoi (sticky rice), banh cuon (rice flour crepes stuffed with woodear mushrooms and pork). 

With vivid descriptions and stunning food photography of every dish, complemented by evocative location photography, Vietnamese Street Food offers invaluable insight into Vietnam’s street food and culture.